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Membership in SCCV offers a wide range of benefits to graduates of our outstanding Team Development program. In a program where our members may not see each other very often, we strive to provide communication and social gatherings that keep us in touch with each other and up to date on pet-therapy related news.


SCCV has an outstanding reputation within the community. Many of the facilities and events our volunteers visit are restricted to SCCV members because of our reputation for well-trained and well-behaved dogs and our emphasis on the safety of our dogs and the people they meet. 

Member Benefits

  • Team Development: The best team development program available for you and your dog, specifically tailored to pet therapy for already obedience-trained dogs.

  • Guidance: A network of experienced members to offer advice and guidance after team development program completion to help you get started.

  • Visiting Opportunities: Visiting multiple facilities where you can visit with people of all ages and states of health under SCCV auspices.

  • Special Events: Community outreach activities at schools, colleges and conferences.

  • Liability Insurance: At our approved facilities, should you ever need it.

  • Newsletter: The “Scentinel,” keeping members in touch with each other, written to amuse and inform.

  • Fellowship: Visit with other teams, celebrate new graduates, enjoy holidays, or participate in community outreach events.

Costs to Members

  • New Member Training Fee: $35 (current members: $25) 

  • Annual Membership Dues: $30 Single, $45.00 Family 

  • Annual Liability Insurance: $55 first dog, $5 each additional dog 

  • Veterinary Fees: (variable) Associated with requirements for annual health certificate.

Requirements and Expectations 

  • Therapy Dogs must be 1 year old and the handler must have owned the dog for 6 months or more.

  • Active members must report a minimum of 36 annual hours at approved, insured facilities or events.

  • A health certificate signed by a veterinarian, must be renewed and submitted annually, for each therapy dog.

  • Annual Dues and Insurance Fees must be paid yearly on or before May 1st of each year.

​​Help make a difference and sign up to learn how to become a therapy dog team!
Click here for the Membership Application

 "The Pet Therapy Dogs and their owners at SCCV have been a vital part to providing care and nurturing to our patients and staff. Presbyterian is so appreciative of the time and dedication of the volunteers that work with us to provide quality service to all they interact with on their visits. We are truly lucky as an organization to have the SCCV Therapy Teams at Presbyterian Healthcare Services." 

Jacqueline Snow, Director of Volunteer Services, Presbyterian Healthcare Services


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