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Tales on Evaluation Day
A nose for care, caution, and concern...


Experience the exciting process of becoming a registered Therapy Team.

On evaluation day you might encounter:

  • An Alzheimer’s patient

  • Walk through a minefield of popcorn, hot dogs or other discarded treats

  • Enthusiastic children trying to slip your dog a treat


While going through PS102 evaluations, you learn how to keep your dog safe when signing into a facility. While in a hospital setting you might encounter two patients in a room, one who does not like dogs and the other who wants a visit with a therapy dog. When exiting a room, you stop, look and listen before stepping out into a hallway so a nurse, doctor or cart doesn’t crash into you or your therapy dog.

These are just a few examples of what an evaluation day may consist of.

The future therapy teams go home… tired!

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